Welcome to Hybrid Sample

This is Hybrid Sample, a new repository for samples and sample variations that could be customized for you.

Responsive You Say?

Yes! Halcyonic is built to be fully responsive so it looks great at every screen size, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones.

Free Samples

For each sampled device, we offer a list of basic samples free of charges!

A Backline to Browse

Here at Sphere Studio we have an important backline that can be used upon request to personnalize your samples.

Who We Are

Pro studio with amazing backline

At Sphere Studio, we have and use everyday an important backline full of synths (150+). Some are rare and unique and we decide to sample a lot of them and create this site also to allow people to get their sample the way the need it. Check at a this equipement what we have and counuld be sampled for you !

What We Do

The way we work

  • Comprehensive samples set by device
  • 96khz for the best possible quality
  • Untreated and treated samples
  • Free samples available for you
  • User for to ask for special requests
  • Any whishes or ideas welcome

What People Are Saying

Some Testimonials of our customers

  • Just got the TR808 sample set and it's really great.

    Jane Doe, CEO of UntitledCorp
  • Great site, great sounds
    To recommend!

    John Doe, President of FakeBiz
  • A fresh set of samples for each and every device. I recommend it!

    Mary Smith, CFO of UntitledBiz